Learn why your business needs marketing automation software in order to successfully scale and grow predictably. 

With many competing businesses in the picture, you want your overall marketing efforts to prove effective and worthy for your company’s growth. In order to scale and successfully rise up to the competition, you need to use marketing automation software. In fact, the businesses that outperform are the ones that leverage the use of marketing automation. You may have heard about what it is (head on over to our Marketing Automation Services page to find out more), now we will go on to explain the top  reasons why your business needs this in place. 

According to WebEngage.com, there are several reasons why businesses should adopt marketing automation. These include:

  1. Huge time saver
  2. Adds value to your CRM
  3. Get big picture data 
  4. Allows personalisation
  5. Customer acquisition and lead nurturing 
  6. Smarter re-engagement and increased campaign efficiency 
  7. Understand customers and their behaviour 
  8. One-to-one marketing for B2C companies
  9. Follow up with leads instantly 
  10. Consistency

Out of these points, we will take what we think the top 5 reasons to use marketing automation would be for SMBs, so that your marketing efforts are more effective and efficient. 

1. Huge time saver 

Perhaps one of the most crucial reasons why your business needs marketing automation is less time spent on the repetitive marketing and sales efforts. Being an SMB, time is one of the resources that can be a constraint, so what marketing automation software can do for you is essentially automate your workflows. 

For example, marketing automation software helps automate your email marketing process. Every time you acquire a lead, or if they have shown interest in your brand, you can add workflows within the marketing automation software to send out targeted emails regarding what your brand offers, so that you can develop them further down the sales funnel. Instead of your sales team chasing up every potential lead you get, using a marketing automation software will allow you to free up time so that your company’s team can prioritise the tasks that matter more.  

2. Get big picture data 

A very efficient use of marketing automation is that it provides you with a whole, clear cutout picture of data generated from your marketing efforts. Marketing automation software provides you with crucial analytics and reports all in one dashboard. Being able to see these metrics is important to any business, but it can prove especially vital for SMBs. 

As your business develops and grows at a continuous rate, you will need to be provided with data to show you what is working, and what isn’t, so that you can optimise. Having a marketing automation tool in place can allow you to see how your campaigns are performing, including other metrics like bounce rate, conversion rates, CPA, CPC and much more. 

3. Allows personalisation

77% of people choose, recommend, or pay more for brands that provide personalised experiences. It could be the case that your sales funnel is targeting leads in the same way as they progress through the funnel. It is important to know that these leads transition from different stages during their journey with your brand, and so it is vital that you target your leads accordingly.


Marketing automation creates this efficiency for your sales approach. It does this by allowing you to segment, i.e. group, your leads into different categories. For example, for e-commerce, leads can be segmented between those who have purchased an item, compared to those who added an item to the cart but did not pursue further to purchase. You can send out retargeting campaigns to those who did not purchase, so that they can move further down the sales funnel. With these segmented lists, you can now target your marketing efforts in a more personalised approach, therefore keeping your leads in mind. 

4. Ability to generate leads and nurture them efficiently

Lead acquisition, lead nurturing and retention are what businesses depend on for their products and/or services. Having a marketing automation tool set in place will allow your team to carry this out effectively. 

To give you an overview on how potentially effective marketing automation can be for your leads (if done correctly), here are some statistics:

  • 57% of B2B marketers find that marketing automation increased lead acquisition, with also 59% outlining that the leads identified are better qualifying 
  • 60% of these B2B marketers also report that marketing automation software enhances their leads user experience 
  • However, this does not just have to be refined to B2B enterprises, in fact, 69% of top performing brands implement marketing automation for lead generation, and 50% of these brands also use the software for lead retention. 

Given these figures, there is no doubt that implementing the right marketing automation tool for your business will give you the power to not just generate leads alone, but to generate the best qualified leads, nurture them throughout the sales cycle, and retain them for the long-term. 

5. Consistency

Consistency is key in anything you do within your business, and especially if you want to get ahead of the competition. Without it, you could imply that your brand is poorly managed and are not paying attention to your customers’ needs. Again, in comes marketing automation to help you develop and maintain consistency.

The fact that marketing automation can automate workflows, it is able to create the consistency your company needs within your marketing efforts. Marketing automation focuses on delivering the right message to the right audience, at the right time. This is especially true of communications.

For example, if you run your business on a social media page, marketing automation allows you to schedule your posts and relevant content periodically, such as twice a week. This saves you the time to manage the posts manually, and will give you a consistent posting schedule every time you create new content. 


To sum up, marketing automation is a powerful tool that will really boost revenue and generate positive ROI for your company, all while remaining cost-efficient and giving you more time to spend on business strategy and creativity. 

Here at Iwise, we understand that every business has different priorities and needs within certain time frames of their company’s developing journey. So, we provide SMBs with the marketing automation software that would best suit their needs. Head over to our Marketing Automation Evaluation page to see the different types of software we can help your business leverage and their associating features.

We are also able to give you a free 20 minute consultation call, so that we can strategise and implement the necessary tools for your business’s efficiency.

If you enjoyed this post, we recommend you visit WebEngage.com blog post if you would like to read further into all their outlined points. 

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