Project Description

Key Challenges

  • Attracting new customers.
  • Losing out to competitors due to weak digital presence.
  • Internal discrepancy and loss of valuable billables as a result of papered processes.
  • No client retention and long term customer relationships brought on by a lack of client engagement.
  • Large sales roadblocks due to poor management of inventory and sales channels.

Our Solutions

  • Understand how customers interact with their businesses.
  • Learn how the industry behaves online, search research and detailed competitor research.
  • Develop a clear cut strategy for inbound marketing for business leaders.
  • Build and deliver on the strategy.
  • Train and support all key stakeholders and assist with change management.

Key Results

Here are some of the results we were able to provide as part of our Digital Partnership Program

Increased ROAS And ROI

Over 450% Increase in ROAS and 200% Increase in ROI

Attracted New Customers

Hundreds Of New Leads & Prospects Per Month

Increased Efficiency & Productivity

New Digital Ecosystem Increased Productivity and Streamlined Processes

Technologies Used For Washpro

digital innovation services

Attract New Customers

We create custom strategy for Social media and Google Ads to position your offer or your brand so your customers choose you time and time again.

After doing thorough market research and analysis we devise and digitally led marketing strategy. We are so confident with our proven strategies that we can guarantee results in the first 45 days Or Even Less.

Start with whatever budget seems suitable for you. We are completely transparent and open with our clients. This enables us to work with – and according to your requirements.


Digital Ecosystem That Converts Visitors & Reduces Stress

Washpro’s new digital ecosystem not only created measurable growth by assiting vistors to life long customers, but also helped with many other departments of business, such as, Operations, Sales, Marketing, Human Resources and Management.

Integrated suite of applications created and precisely designed to work together to manage Washpros complex processes, from measuring inventory or to paperless job automation, to increasing and attributing Marketing budget to the top line revenue.