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Introducing: The Digital Transformation Program

Who else wants to benefit from a powerful digital presence in only 30 days? 

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Why Did We Create The Digital Transformation Package

Covid-19 has made us all reflect and realise how important it is to future proof your business by having a digital front for your business. 

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected many businesses globally, and these unprecedented times have proven to be particularly challenging for SMBs. However, at IWise we believe that challenges can be transformed into opportunities. 

Digital presence is now becoming more predominant in order to continue providing services to customers, so it is crucial to have your digital front performing at its A game.

As a response to COVID-19, we have worked hard to create a unique offer that will transform your business’ ‘brochure papier-mâché’ or ‘non-existent’ digital experience into something that assists, answers questions and guides visitors through the buying stages of your business and also provide analytics and visibility over valued goal completions.

A good digital experience not only helps your customers and increases your online footprint, but also creates a tangible increase in your business worth.

What is the Digital Transformation Package?

With the Digital Transformation Package, we aim to deliver the following benefits:

Digital Transformation Driven By Strategy

We cannot expect technical developers to understand your end customers. They don’t, and simply put, they won’t. Design should be strategy driven and with our discovery process, we aim to design websites that actually generate results for you. 

Grow & Automate Business Processes

Allow your digital presence to assist your customers with natural sales pages and marketing landing pages so you can close more deals and automate tedious back and forth qualification processes.

Let us manage the chaos of your transformation

We take the stressful task of hiring and organising a new team of developers and designers off your hands. At IWise, we already have a team that works efficiently to deliver results for your business.

We know that all businesses require different digital transformations - Build your package now

No Credit Card Required

Include Options That Provide a Full Digital Transformation for 1/3 of the Cost and in 1/2 of the Time

Growth Driven Website Design is the Agile Way to Create a Website Which is a Tool to Continuously Improve All Departments of Your Business

World's Best WordPress SEO Plugin (Included)

See exactly the SEO outcome for each of your pages. Want to change how you want your web page to appear on search engines? You can with Yoast SEO.  Improve your website rank and increase web traffic with the help of our SEO experts. Get recommendations to make continuous improvements to each and every page on your website so you can get targeted organic traffic and grow your lead count.

Create Brand Logos & Business (Unlimited Revisions) Delivered With Website! (Optional)

Create high quality brand defining logos with Unlimited Revisions. With this add-on you can expect more than just a digital transformation. You’ll get pamphlets, marketing materials and even T-Shirts for a complete brand makeover!

Email Marketing Plugin For Newsletters & Templates (Optional) - 

Options for an Email Marketing Plugin. With a one-off fee we can configure this plugin for you and create 5 template emails so you can send newsletters to your customers and record your email lists.

Sell Products With WooCommerce & Payment Gateway Integration (Optional)

We provide complete integration to your shopping cart and inbuilt product management system to the payment gateway of your choice. We create the infrastructure that can facilitate any eCommerce visions you have.

WAIT!! There is more... Bonus Options to Have a Complete Results Driven System that Churns For You Now & in The Years to Come

Add these options to your package and future proof your business's Digital Presence or Automate Business Processes

This Really Works! See What Our Customers Have to Say...


IWise has really taken our website user experience to the next level. I am a retailer and after the first month of having the website, we were ranking on Google. Our online sales have increased by over 150%, almost matching our in-store sales. The best part is, with the integration options IWise offers, I can now know and track the exact changes that influenced our growth."

choose your image - Byran Hailey



"Not only do I love my new website, I really enjoyed working with the iWise team! They have an organised structure for their project management that encourages engagement from me. I actually got a website that looks and works the way I want. Now when I pass my business card to my clients, I actually encourage them to funnel through my website"

choose your image - Pammi Kaur


Digital Transformation Package In Action

Your Website, faster than ever before

The Complete Solution For Marketing Your Product

14K Leads Generated

Conversion optimised pages have created over 14000 Lead for our customers (And counting)

5/5 Star Reviews 

Dozens of great feedback and 5/5 star reviews on Google & Facebook.

124 Landing Pages 

124 Landing pages strategically architected to deliver valuable results for our clients.

33 Packages Delivered 

33 Packages Digital Transformation packages delivered for our customers. 

Lets Summarise the Digital Transformation Package
 What are the golden nuggets?

With the Digital Transformation package, you can see your business leverage the same technology that the Fortune 500 leverage to get consistent growth!

You Keep It All

Step 1

We provide you with all the tools and resources you need for after the package is delivered. 100% yours.

Mobile Optimised Designs

Step 1

Completely Mobile Optimised Designs. We make sure to give equal importance to your mobile user experience.

Award Winning Design

Step 1

No more being embarrassed of your online presence. Stand out from the crowd with your own stats to prove it.

Focus On Results

Step 4

5 Custom design pages all focused on capturing leads, generating more business and driving more customer centric results.

Proprietary Development Methodology

Step 4

We believe in transparency and collaboration and we use it extensively within our project to make sure we deliver a solution catered to your requirements.

Be found online

Step 4

With a results driven and impactful presence online you will be found by more customers online. Search Engine Optimisation is at the heart of our design strategy so your business climbs the Search page ranks.

Analytics Tools

Step 4

We allow for options to include analytics tools such as Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics. Leverage the power for tools that allow you to make data  driven decisions.

Continous Improvement

Step 4

We never suppress creativity and work closely with you for further improvements to your online platform. You have LIFETIME access to your client portal which you can use to post tasks or support requests. 

HTTPs & PCI Compliance

Step 4

Ensure that your users feel safe entering their personal information on your website. Get HTTPs so you have a green tick on your website and PCI Compliance to accept payments.

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